Connecting people to new life in Christ through belonging, support and hope

Kalidoscope LogoKaleidoscope is a movement of hope and connection for those living with cancer and other life threatening illnesses. It was started as a ministry of the church and is now a non-profit in its own right, where many of our congregation are volunteers.

Kaleidoscope’s mission includes the ability to sustain a movement of relational hope and connection. We recognize that we cannot provide cures, remission, relief from pain or therapeutic intervention. Therefore, we seek to pick up where conventional medicine leaves off; our primary concerns being the distinct emotional and spiritual journey that may be as or more debilitating than the physical symptoms themselves.

Since its inception in 2003, Kaleidoscope has grown beyond the vision of its founders. There has been such a need and demand that since we began, the organization has flourished with over 100 caring volunteers and thousands of recipients of “Bags of Hope”.

As part of Kaleidoscope’s spiritual care program, at the rear of our property in our sacred garden is a beautiful Labyrinth.

A movement of hope and connection for those living with cancer

A Bag of Hope is a gift bag of thoughtful items tailored to meet the needs of the recipient. It begins as an acknowledgement of the trauma brought on by a cancer diagnosis; it becomes a meaningful and supportive connection between the receiver, the giver, and Kaleidoscope. We deliver Bags of Hope to people in our neighboring communities who are referred to us by their families and friends.

Once a Bag of Hope has been delivered, the Connection Team makes a personal contact with the recipient to offer additional services such as support groups, meals, counseling, and spiritual care.

People who are interested in Kaleidoscope come together once a month at the Kaleidoscope Gathering to hear stories, learn about volunteer opportunities, share ideas, and connect with others.

Kaleidoscope Kids is a group of children, young people, and their parents who meet monthly with the purpose of making a difference in someone’s life. As the kids make craft projects for the Bags of Hope, share stories, and play games, they build friendships and learn the values of generosity and compassion.  This group is not meeting at present, and we are exploring some new opportunities for children.

Nutritious home cooked meals are prepared by the Krockpot Brigade chefs to ease the burden on families of those undergoing treatment. Meals are delivered to the home of the recipients on a weekly basis.

Comfort and Joy Baskets brimming with handmade items, gifts, and homemade goodies are assembled by enthusiastic elves. These baskets bring comfort and joy to those living with cancer, those who have lost a loved one, and those who need extra love and support during the holiday season.

Spiritual Care. From our first contact with someone living with cancer, everything we do is oriented toward rebuilding the hope that cancer depletes and relieving the isolation it creates. Kaleidoscope encircles those we serve with nurture and support on their journey toward wholeness – a place where mind, body, and spirit find healing and peace. We offer support groups, compassionate listeners, labyrinth walks, spiritual retreats, wellness workshops, and prayer care.

Kaleidoscope Website

Kaleidoscope events are held in the “Kaleidoscope Building” located behind the other Byron United Methodist Church buildings.

Mailing Address: PO Box 432, Byron, CA 94505
Phone:  925-550-6198