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faithful imagination

Faithful Imagination

2/22/15 – 3/29/15

Come with us on a journey through Lent. In the discipline of our daily readings we will reflect on Jesus’ imaginative parables through the lens of the passion story. And in our sermon series “Faithful Imagination” we will use our imaginations to follow Jesus from his baptism, into the desert and up to Jerusalem, as we ponder our own baptismal calling.

Feb 22  Desert Wonderings – Mark 1:9-15
Mar 1    Nonsensical Wisdom – Mark 8:31-38
Mar 8   Deceiving Appearances – John 2:13-22
Mar 15  Illuminating Faith – John 3:14-21
Mar 22 Disarrayed Vision – John 12:20-33
Mar 29 Looming Shadows  – Mark 11:1-11, Mark 14:1-15:47

Lent 2015 Schedule

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