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Checking, Decking & Dashing

Checking, Decking & Dashing

11/30/14 – 12/24/14

When did Christmas get so complicated? Checking lists, decking halls, and dashing through the crowds. What if long lists, crowded stores, and hectic plans did not define Christmas? This year we are going to focus on finding the true meaning of Christmas by checking our lives with peace, decking our halls with love and dashing to others with messages of joy and hope. Join us for our advent sermon series Checking, Decking & Dashing starting November 30 as we rethink what we are celebrating.

November 30 – When Did Christmas Get So Complicated? Checking to Find Peace
December 7 – What if We Rethink What We are Celebrating? Decking with Love
December 14 – Sharing the Greatest Gift of All: Dashing to Spread Joy
December 21 – Focusing on Others: Dashing to Others with Hope
December 24 – Finding the True Meaning of Christmas

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