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imagine no malaria

Imagine No Malaria 100K Challenge

The United Methodist Church nationally is a part of the Imagine No Malaria initiative.  Unlike many other diseases that are awaiting a cure, malaria was eliminated in the U.S. in the 1950’s.  However, in Sub-Saharan Africa, malaria continues to kill a person every 60 seconds.  But there is hope! Imagine No Malaria is part of a global partnership so that together with our partners our generation can beat malaria once and for all.

This effort started when deaths were one every 30 seconds by distributing insecticide-treated nets, and was known as Nothing But Nets where United Methodists raised $7.5 million dollars over three years.  Now the project is called Imagine No Malaria  and three additional functions have been added:

  • Communication – delivering life-saving messages via radio announcements.
  • Health Facilities – improving diagnosis, case management and access to medication.
  • Education – training a grassroots network of community health workers.

District 100K ChallengeTwo years ago the denomination set a target of $75 million to be raised, increasing our support ten-fold.  We are 85% of the way there.  Annual Conferences pledged to raise a certain dollar amount.  For our part, our conference pledged $2 million and we are 75% of the way there.  At Byron UMC we contributed $400 in June 2014.  Now a challenge has been issued to each district in our conference to raise $100K by June 2015.

There is a bucket on the Fellowship Table and we are going to leave it there for the next few months.  If those of you who are able put $1 in this bucket each week, then drop by drop we can be part of something bigger.  And we’ll have a think in the New Year as to how to involve the whole  community.  Just imagine life with no deaths from malaria!

You can find more information here:

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And watch this introductory video.

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